About us

Lowland Props is a Dutch movie prop studio

Premium prop replicas by fans, for fans

We work passionately to design, recreate and produce screen accurate movie prop replicas that meet the high-standard requirements of our own collections. For people who share our love of movie magic.

Based in the Netherlands, we are Roy Gilsing and Marvin Stiefelhagen and we love movie props!


Studio scale model maker

I am a self-taught model maker and product developer and have been recreating studio filming model replicas and props for years, honing my skills in the traditional build crafts and modern computer assisted build techniques. Through Facebook page Industrial Light & Modelling, a nod of deep respect and admiration for the original crew at ILM that made my favorite movies come alive, I try to help other builders to recreate some of the same studio replica’s I have built. I have also been showcasing my work at Comic Cons and SW events throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

Recreating Movie Magic



I have always been inspired by art, science, and sci-fi. My fascination with technology and sketching led me to pursue a career as an industrial design engineer. Leveraging my experience, I decided to channel my skills into the realm of prop replicas. My webshop, WannaWanga.com has gained worldwide recognition among lightsaber builders for offering accurate parts and kits since 2014. Through meticulous research and reverse engineering, I develop an ever-expanding range of high-quality products. I also turn my attention to other, often more obscure props, such as the Endor bunker bomb and Luke’s hand tools, both from ROTJ.

Roy’s saber parts shop

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