Rebel General Badge & Rank Pins

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Limited Edition (50 sets only).
Includes a premium display stand and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Rebel General Badge and Collar Rank Pins are worn by our favorite Rebel Generals while planning to fight for the galaxy’s freedom in the rebel fleet briefing room before the Battle of Endor. These props were made from various commercial model kit parts and hand painted and weathered to give their unique SW appearance. We created our full scale (1:1) replica sets with the exact same model kit donor parts in order to create accurate replicas that are authentic to the SW universe.

The Rebel General Badge is approximately 66 x 52 mm and the Rank Pins are approximately 27 x 19 mm each. All are pressure cast in high quality polyurethane resin. Every set is hand painted based on available color references to do justice to the screen used props. A premium aluminium display stand is included and measures 180 x 130 x 80 mm. It has a beautifully matt black anodised finish and a stainless steel title plaque.

The Collar Rank Pins can also be seen in various episodes of the Ahsoka series (2023).


General Leia Organa, General Lando Calrissian and General Crix Madine.


Rebel fleet briefing room.


SW Episode VI – ROTJ (1983).


  • A highly detailed 1:1 replicas of the original props;
  • Expertly cast from a master, created by us, using only the original donor parts as they were also used by the prop department during production of the film;
  • Hand finished, painted and weathered by our talented in-house artists, making each set a unique piece of display art *;
  • Includes our signature black anodised aluminium display stand, with a magnetic display area, elegantly covered in fabric matching the ROTJ Rebel General uniform;
  • A magnetic attachment so it can be used for display AND for cosplay purposes;
  • A Lowland Props numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

* Because all products are finished by hand, they may slightly differ from the images presented here.

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